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The George Mason Debate Institute is the premiere debate institute for elementary, middle school, and high school debaters in the state of Virginia. Located on George Mason University's Fairfax campus, GMDI teaches a wide range of debate styles, including Public Forum, Policy, and Lincoln Douglas. Our motto, modeled after George Mason University, is "Innovation is Tradition," because our institute aims to foster skills development in-depth research, critical thinking, persuasion, argumentation and overall communication. 


Mason Debate, Where Innovation is Tradition 

Community Minded

The common aspect of the George Mason Debate Institute that our campers enjoy is the location. GMDI is a Washington D.C. debate camp experience without the Washington D.C. price! Considering our location to the nation state's hub, a facet of the GMDI curriculum is our lecture series. We model our lecture series off of D.C. think tank conferences, choosing specialization lectures based on the topic each camper will be debating. Every year, we bring in national experts in the topic areas to provide our campers with a truly unique experience.

At GMDI, we focus on teaching our camper's how to maximize their performance. We strive to hire the best to ensure that our campers receive a top notch educational experience. 

Campers from our institute have consistently placed among the top performing teams in their state competitions, been admitted to ivy league colleges, and have been recognized as debaters of distinction by the National Speech and Debate Association. But don't just believe us! Please visit our testimonials page to read from former campers about their time at our institute. 

Excellence Driven