"Policy debate is a two-on-two debate that focuses on one policy question for the entire duration of the academic year, this format tests a student’s research, analytical, and delivery skills. Policy debate involves the proposal of a plan by the affirmative team to enact a policy, while the negative team offers reasons to reject that proposal. Throughout the debate, students have the opportunity to cross-examine one another."

National Speech and Debate Association

Policy Divisions

The policy lab at GMDI is divided into three different classes - novice, junior varsity, and varsity. Campers applying are able to choose policy as their lab section, and are placed into a specific skill level based on a diagnostic that we perform on day one of camp.

Mason Scholars Program

The Mason Scholars program is a new addition to the 2019-2020 Summer. Scholars will receive a bio on our website, a $100 discount, and a guaranteed slot in the varsity class of the camp. 

If campers want to be considered for the Scholars program, they must send a completed file for the 2019-2020 policy topic to include in the camp starter packet along with a coach letter of recommendation. Materials are due on June 1st. Email Jackie Poapst if you have questions at japoapst@gmail.com

Do I Need to Bring a Partner?
​Not at all! A large amount of campers attend without a debate partner, and we pair each of you together.

​Camp Evidence

Policy campers enter the camp provided a starter file packet that is produced by the camp staff. For example, last year the following files were given to the campers on day one of camp:

Syrian Refugees Affirmative - Matt Struth

Syrian Refugees Negative -  Ben Biggs and Shana Pedersen

H1B Affirmative - Jackie Poapst and Logan Ludwig

H1B Negative - Rob Wimberly and Sebastian Ruiz

​Natives Affirmative - Ian Lowery

Natives Negative - Gerrit Hansen

​Topicality - Emily Beck and Mahnoor Zafar

​Indian Brain Drain DA - Pavan Reddy and Jordan Boyle

​Trump Base DA - Colin Dailey

Midterms DA - Hannah Call and Noah Graham

​Spivak K - Kyler Buckner and Nick Kazangian

​Courts CP - David Michael Woodward

Debate Institute

What is Policy Debate?​

Policy Labs